Our Memorial Dinner has been cancelled due to the coronavirus

When Marine Lance Corporal Thomas Rivers, Jr. died in Afghanistan, it broke his family’s heart and their lives were forever changed. He was a brave young man who courageously dedicated his life in defense of our country. He was killed on April 28th, 2010 by an improvised explosive device (IED). He was only 22 years old.

Since his death, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas (Charon) Rivers, Sr. have had a strong desire to support others who are serving our great nation.


Most service men and women stationed in Afghanistan are there for 7-12 months with little or no contact with family and friends aside from the occasional letter. Their living conditions are often harsh – living in tents, with no running water, latrines or mess halls. 

They’re on the front lines for our freedom, and we want them to know we haven’t forgotten about them. That’s why we remind them with care packages, so they can know they’re appreciated, remembered and loved.

To many, opening these packages is like Christmas morning. Consider joining our work to remind our service men and women overseas that we haven’t forgotten them and that we live in a free country because of their sacrifice.

These are the items we need to continue to show the love to our brave men and women on the front lines. Pick something you can donate and send it our way.